Weapon Rules

Damage Types
Some weapons aren’t restricted to the damage types listed in their entries. If a weapon could feasibly be used to inflict a different damage type (such as a longsword inflicting piercing damage instead of slashing) then it can do so with no penalty. If a weapon could feasibly inflict another damage type with difficulty or awkwardness (such as using the flat of a longsword to inflict bludgeoning damage) then it can be done with a -4 penalty to the attack roll.

All crossbows deal one additional die of damage (example: a light crossbow does 2d8, and a heavy crossbow does 2d10). The repeating crossbow, heavy repeating crossbow, and hand crossbow are now martial weapons.

Finesse-able weapons
All weapons that are finesse-able (or is covered by Swashbucklers finesse if you have that) can now use dex to hit and damage as baseline. Although you do not get 1.5 times your dex for two handing, unless you are a rogue.

Attacking an unaware target
You can sometimes do a coup de grace on a target that is unaware of you during the surprise round. This is up to DM fiat.

Weapon Rules

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