Class Changes

All martial classes (3/4 or 4/4 bab) gets this
Fighter Training (Ex): Starting at 7th level, the character counts his class level –3 as his fighter level for the purpose of qualifying for feats (if he has levels in fighter, these levels stack).

Combat Expertise as a bonus feat.

Class skills: 6+ Int for skills. Adds Acrobatics (Dex) and Perception (Int) as class skills.
Versatile: At level 1, the fighter can select any three skills to designate as class skills. (No UMD or Spellcraft)
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind (Ex): Starting at 4th level, the fighter adds his Constitution modifier to all Reflex and Will saving throws.
Armor Expertise (Ex): At 9th level, a fighter gains DR 5/- whenever he is wearing armor or using a shield. This DR stacks with other DR of the same type, such as from adamantine armor. At lvl 19 this increases to DR 10/-.

Use Unchained.

Use Unchained. Ask about archetypes if you want that.

Full level to Track.
Use full Ranger level as effective Druid level for the pet.

Bards get the Arcane Duelist archtype for free without giving up anything.

Use Unchained. Gets half level to DR.

Class skills: 6+ Int for skills. Adds Acrobatics (Dex) and Perception (Int) as class skills.
Paladin casts spells as a swift action.

Use unchained.

They gain a druid pet instead of their mount, using their cavalier level as their druid level.
Tactician gives you and your pet a teamwork feat, you cannot give this to a friend or switch it.
Cavaliers charge is replaced with “Trained Flanking” and gives you and your pet a +4 bonus when you are flanking the same target and you give the enemy no bonus for flanking you.
Banner: You and all allies within 60 ft that can see the banner gains a +1 morale bonus to attack and damage, and a +2 save vs fear effects.
Greater Tactician gives you and your pet another teamwork feat, and you can act as all allies have the teamwork feats you and your pet has, this works like solo tactics.
Mighty Charge While flanking you and your pet’s crit range is doubled and you cannot be flanked or be caught flat footed.
Greater Banner empowers the banner ability to increase its morale bonuses by +2 and gives all allies fast healing 1
Master Tactician you and your pet gains 2 teamwork feats and you now count as flanking someone as long as you are both threatening the same target, no matter where you stand.
Supreme charge When you and your pet are flanking you both count as having all the vital strike feats, this stacks with vital strike.

Charmed Life now functions like Divine Grace.

Class Changes

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